image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 8 – Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 8 – Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana

Following on from yesterday we now move on to another of the attributes with the Sacral Chakra, that being Creativity.


A definition for this is ‘the state or quality of being creative, to bring into being a form out of nothing:  to bring into being by force of imagination:  to make, produce or form:  to design:  to invest with a new form or character:  to institute:  to be the first to act:  to make a fuss.’

Sadly very often in the educational field, mainly due to the number of children vastly outweighing the time sharing availability from the teacher results in a high degree of conformity.  It is very easy then for children who would usually hold great potential for being creative, those who think out of the box etc to be labelled as demanding, attention-seeking or a nuisance.  Eccentricity is only marginally tolerated.  There is an observable downward spiral of creativity to unusualness, to non-conformity to non-acceptabiity to deviancy to delinquency which is rarely imaginatively treated or healed.

The price we pay collectively for any over-emphasis on conformity is either resistance to change or addiction to change, this result in a lack of enlightened use of exploration.

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Sacral Chakra Workshop Activation Series


I love the word empowerment and it’s meaning.  Empowerment differs from power.  Power is a principle and empowerment is the process of making use of that principle.

Psychological empowerment is the ability to have access to all our capabilities and potentials without the need for approval or permission from another or others.  Empowered people are creative and empower others.

This is totally different to that of ‘giving power away to others.’

When parents or authorities for instance are seen as manipulative, judgemental or limiting it is possible that we are giving them this power, by allowing them to negatively influence our adult choices.  The same goes if we set others on a pedestal or invincible leaders, our own roles then are limited to those of disciples or followers.  If the idol is discovered then not to be all one thought they were this can cause great distress and a long recovery.

The empowered person respects that authority, wisdom or expertise of others without self-belittlement and becomes more empowered by the contact.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 8 – Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana
Sacral Chakra Workshop Activation Series


This keyword is about owning our part in anything which exists or happens in society.  It is inseparable from empowerment.  For instance we disempower ourselves if we always see authority as being totally to blame for anything and everything bad and totally to be praised for anything good as we are therefore denying the part where we elect the leaders and the forming of laws of our society.  Co-creativity is active, being a victim is passive.

Parents and educators during the younger years can have a big impact on this.

Human beings need to fully acknowledge our intrinsic potential to co-create a balanced and harmonious world.  By drawing on the Infinite Source of Being we need to find the true formulae for survival and transcendence.  Fully activating the sacral chakra can help in awakening the divine within each of us and healing the schism between spirit and matter.


Sincerity is a condition of freedom from pretence or deceit.  This quality will naturally awaken out of empowerment.  The sincere individual subjects the world to scrutiny under a bright and searching light.  This is a clarifying and healing light, but often a confrontational one.  Many interpersonal and intrapersonal values are challenge by it and may need to be renegotiated.

To summarize – The functioning of the sacral chakra is strongly affected by the experiences we have between 3/5-8yrs.  These years are when there is discovery and exploration of the individuality.  This phase can be both fascinating and exhausting for parents and teachers.  A child needs boundaries but also flexibility with the continuing of the warm and rich environment which nurtures the root chakra.

Pattern, repetition and routine help to maintain a framework of security which then nurtures the ability for seeing life as an exciting adventure for discovery.

Sexuality on a deeper level is usually not relevant for a child of this age, however curiosities will exist and need to be answered with careful handling.  The same goes for children who at this age often develop tender loving feelings for a friend of the opposite sex, these feelings should be respected and not ridiculed.

A child also needs to be empowered which means not to be over protective or over-authoritarian but there should also be a sense of pattern and boundaries and routine with a degree of flexibility.

An over judgemental or demanding environment affects the ability of children to be sincere, open and honest.  Fear of retribution makes for deceitfulness.  Wherever possible the child must be understood as an explorer of life and sympathetically helped to sort out mistakes made.

Repressions, traumas and conflicts during this developmental stage have far-reaching effects and inflict wounds which take a long time to heal.  The sacral chakra holds particularly vital energies for living and is strongly linked to the throat chakra, the centre of expression.  When there are difficulties between the flow of these two areas, then problems can occur finding a fulfilling role in life.  On the other hand though also the sacral chakra because of its vitality has great healing potential for both itself and the whole being.

Tomorrow we move on to:  The Colours, The Element, The Sense etc

Meanwhile here is an activity if you have found the Sacral Chakra an area you feel needs working on.

sacral chakra 1


Choose to spend a few minutes whilst in a calm, relaxed environment to meditate on one of the following:

a) Think about your family life when you were between three to eight years old.  Remember the creative, joyful times, the days which were full of colour and sunshine.  Then sense things which were less good, less flowing, less creative. – You can bring this in to a drawing afterwards using colour and shapes and see how this might change over the period of time/days you work on your Sacral Chakra.

b) Think about the sexual ‘climate’ in your home.  What attitudes were there to your developing sexuality and to sex in general?  Get an image for the sexual climate in your family during your upbringing.  Discuss this image with your partner or with a friend or as above you can bringing this in to symbols and drawings.

c)  Think about the needs of your ‘inner child’.  life is never perfect and there will be things which were missing from your early life.  Something within you, which can be termed the ‘inner child’ may still crave those things.  Use a photograph of yourself as a child and see if a part of you needs reparenting, reassuring, or to be given permission to carry the valuable activity of ‘play’ into adult life.

Please feel free to contact me through my Facebook page or in the contact section on this website for any comments/feedback you might have.

Until then, sweet dreams and I shall catch up with you tomorrow, Justine xxx

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