image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 9 – Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 9 – Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana

Today I will cover a brief breakdown of some of the keywords relating to this chakra.

The Colours Of The Sacral Chakra

The colours of the sacral chakra relate to vitality.  Vivid orange can be sometimes confrontational or enervating.  In this case amber, gold or gentler oranges should be used in visualizations and healing for the sacral chakra.

When convalescing, feeling tired or just needing an energy boost sometimes visualizing an orange light flowing into the sacral chakra is effective.  I like to imgine a beautiful gentle orange candle and its glow in a temple in my sacral chakra area and with this it brings the warmth and security too.

Anything orange in a room you spend time in or amber glass hanging infront of a window where sunlight can pass through can also be of help.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 9 – Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana
Sacral Chakra Workshop Activation Series

The Element Relating To The Sacral Chakra

The element of earth at the root chakra gives fixity and stability.

The element of water at the sacral chakra brings a sense of movement.

Water is also linked to the moon and sometimes interpreted as governing emotions, connecting time to tide, to fertility cycles, patterns of menstruation and ovulation in women and the production of seminal fluid in men.

Earth and water define each other.

Water courses cut their way even through the bed-rock of earth but the earth contains them.  Without water, earth is infertile and inert.  With it, earth becomes alive and productive.

The element of water in the sacral chakra means that it is linked to bodily fluids such as the life force of blood, hydration of the body and the fluid processes of cleansing and elimination.

The Sense Of The Sacral Chakra

Between 3 and 8 years of age the growing child is introduced to a wider variety of food and starts to develop a sense of what they like or dislike.  However the sense of taste not only refers to oral.  It also relates to fashion, colour etc.  The question of ‘How do I taste the world, and how does the world taste to me?’ has wide implications.

Sacral Chakra Workshop Activation Series

The Body And Its Relation To The Sacral Chakra

The etheric body is a subtle ‘double’ of the physical body.  It is the densest of the subtle bodies.  Each of our vital organs has an etheric double interacting with the physical organs and helping to keep them healthy.  Whether the etheric body receives subtle healing energies from a h=’healer’ or not, it has to repair itself before the physical organs can function normally once more.  When any part of the physical body is amputated or removed, its etheric essence remains.  This is one of the reasons why the physical body is able to adapt and carry on functioning even when a relatively vital organ has to be removed.

At death the etheric substance is an important agent in enabling the transition to the afterlife state.  It is said that the whole body has to be ‘dead’ before the etheric substance can enable the transition to the afterlife state.  Sometimes it is also said that confusion can take place in the situation where there are transplants if the body dies yet the organ transplanted does not there is a period of ‘waiting around’ before the etheric body of the dead person can move on.

In modern day society and modern drugs we live under a delusion that healing has become a quickened process.  Certainly many unpleasant sumptoms can be eased but when symptoms disappear the journey of healing is not necessarily completed, especially for the etheric body.

Resting when ill is sometimes seen as weak or undignified.  Our present way of life can be over-demanding of our intricate constitution.  Society often demands that we push ourselves too far.

The Glandular Connection With The Sacral Chakra

The lymphatics form a secondary transport system which helps to clear waste matter from the body.  Lymph nodes behind the knees, in the groin, under the arms and in the neck help to trap unwanted bacteria and other debris.  They are part of the body’s defence or warning system and may swell up when an infection is on the attack.

The Fragrances Relating To The Sacral Chakra

Musk and amber quieten the sacral centre while rosemary and rose geranium stimulate it.  When I mention musk I mention it as a plant oil, nothing that is from an animal.  Use stimulating if you tend to be passive, lacking in vitality, have difficulty in making choices or need more sexual vitality.  Use quietening fragrances if you are over-active, fear loss of control or find it difficult to ‘play’, relax or sleep.

In the root chakra section we covered how to use them in differing ways.

The Crystals & Gemstones

We covered how to use crystals and gemstones in the root chakra section, here is a little bit about the various ones relevant to the sacral chakra.

Amber – This is resin, it energies, balances, heals, lifts depression, aids dreams and creativity and also stimulates feminine reproductive organs and with this regulating the menstrual cycle.  This stone is also linked to the heart chakra.

Citrine – heals wounded emotions and helps emotional maturity.  It aids the acceptance of sexuality and any work which needs to be done on sexual problems.  It enhances the quality of generosity and encourages abundance.

Topaz – aids fertility, attracts positive synchronicity and inner peace.

Aventurine – releases blocked creativity and activates the imagination.

Moonstone – is the stone of the Moon Goddess and protects all that travel on water.  It can help us to see ourselves more as others see us, enables greater conscious contact with our feelings.  A feminine stone, aids dream memory and bringing projects to fruition and clearing blocked creativity.

Jasper – Power and empowerment.  Jasper reflects power and energy.  At the sacral centre it is the foil for moonstone and amber and used together with these will help to balance the chakra.

There are of course other gemstones etc that are helpful to the sacral chakra, this list is not exhaustive.


Contacting and sensing your sacral chakra.

Use the root chakra sensing exercise in the prior section, substituting ‘sacral’ for ‘root’ and follow this with the ‘Images and symbols’

Prayer and Affirmations

You may want to also choose your own or use below or even above one of the prayers or affirmations to repeat with a mala, if you are not sure what a mala is you can find them here with info:  Spring Mala

Or you could print this off, record on your phone to repeat and memorize or playback to yourself.

May the unity of humanity with each other and the earth enable true creativity.  May release from a sense of sin and unworthiness lead us into the full knowledge of our empowerment as co-creators, at one with, and a part of God.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 9 – Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana
Sacral Chakra Mantra

Tomorrow is an extended day of the usual 3 for each chakra and we will cover a meditation.  You might want to record this meditation on your phone for you to work with, there are plenty of recording apps that one can use.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the above prayers/mantras/meditations and see you tomorow, Justine xxx

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