image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 12 – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 12 – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura

Yesterday we covered the basics, logic, reason and opinion, then moved on to assimilation and psychic intuition, today we move on to developmental age for this particular chakra.

The Developmental Age For The Solar Plexus

The span of either to twelve years marks huge changes for any child, merging in to greater independence which can sometimes cause conflict with parents.  There is a fine balance to be had between parental protection or going the other way and pushing a child too early in to an adult world which comes with it much responsibility and where childish things are ridiculed.

A child needs a subtle, growing independence with continued holding, softness and loving.

During this age information is devoured, growing egos make themselves known and felt and knowledge about the world desired.  A rich and stimulating menu is required if intellectual deprivation and mental malnutrition are to be avoided.

Often during this age, girls overtake boys, particularly physically.

There comes with this age the fascination on one hand of watching and helping young people to maturity, on the other hand there ha to be great subtlety in  managing the changing relationships and giving the right degree of freedom, combined with protection which prevents inexperience from leading to disaster.  This may sound simple and easy but as many know it is not.

Choice is profoundly important for a child and the freedom of it in a supported environment.

Rites Of Passage

This upper age, marks a rite of passage, such as puberty.  Different societies and cultures  mark this in different ways.  Our rituals around the coming of age, marriage, birth and death are often uncertain.  It is healthy however to mark these life-changing times and to celebrate the moments when new responsibilities and privileges are taken on and old patterns left behind.  Such recognitions help to define and redefine the change in relationships between parents and offspring which can be very important for clarity.


The Colours Of The Solar Plexus Chakra

Clear bright yellow is a mental colour and very helpful to use when doing the sort of work or study which involves memorising facts.  Having accessories of this colour around your study place will help.

For healing the solar plexus, the gold and rose colours are best.  Gold should be visualised like a pure, gentle golden sunlight and as such ‘actual’ sunlight on the solar plexus can help greatly with metabolism, eyesight and an overall sense of wellbeing.  The word ‘solar’ links this centre to the sun and all which is light, fiery and conscious.

Rose brings a softness which the solar plexus also requires.  The chakra system is both interdependent and interconnective and it is important not to create a completely rigid and over-specific compartmentalization.

The primal instincts from the root chakra lead into the gut-feeling emotions of the sacral.  At the solar plexus, as the ego-self develops, the raw emotions need further assimilation.  Rose help can be a great help with this.

Activity Using Colour For The Solar Plexus

Use the technique of ‘breathing’ into your solar plexus chakra and ‘feed’ it with the colours given earlier.  Remember to visualize the colours as translucent.  Close down the petals and visualize the cross or star in the circle of light to finish.

When we have gone through all the chakras, you will find it easy with practice to meditate and go through each colour sensing which one you feel is harder to concentrate or work on, which inevitably means a little more work could be done on this area, or that there might be a connected blockage further up or down.  I find just going through the colours quickly helps me a lot with feeling a sense of balance.

Until tomorrow, Justine xxx

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