image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 13 – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 13 – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura – Aurora Facets

The Element Of The Solar Plexus

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 13 – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura – Aurora Facets


Earth and water elements, which relate to the Root and Sacral chakra as covered earlier are considered to be mostly feminine, receptive or yin in nature.  Fire is more masculine, active or yang.

Fire not only consumes but sets in motion, changes and enables assimilation.  Sometimes we refer to ourselves as burning with desire, passion or purpose.  We say we are ‘fired’ by imagination or the spirit.

When the solar plexus is under-functioning we tend to get stuck on an inappropriate treadmill, unable to see how to bring about creative change in our lives.  Vision, as well as action, can be blocked.  An active fire element, nourished by a well-functioning solar plexus, brings enjoyment and passion into living.

Over-active however can make us over fiery, dry-skinned, irritably, uncomfortable and prickly to ourselves and others.  Physically food may be burned up too quickly and nutrients imperfectly absorbed.


The Sense

Sight is stimulated by light and as such belongs to the fire element.  Sight in this instance refers to creative vision as well as physical sight.  A healthy solar plexus enables us to plan our lives well and wisely and to know when the winds of change or chance are blowing in our favour.

Visualizing the colour gold flooding the solar plexus will enhance both physical and metaphorical vision.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 13 – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura – Aurora Facets

The Body

The astral body consists of subtle flowing energies, and is yellow, gold, rose or a clear, lightly electric, silvery blue.

In near death experiences people frequently report ‘being’ in another part of the room, watching what is happening to their physical body.  Those who have survived serious accidents have reported watching  their physical body being treated, while their consciousness or essence waits at a distance, away from the physical pain and distress.  In these experiences the awareness is withdrawn to the astral body.

Many people become attracted to the spiritual path because of the possibility of learning ‘astral travel.  Anyone who wants to work specifically with the astral body should consult a well established esoteric school or find a trusted teacher as though the higher astral planes is very beautiful the lower layers of the astral plane are less attractive, thought forms and negative ‘entities’ populate these regions.

Glandular Connection

There are two adrenal glands, the cortex and the medulla.  They are in the abdomen, above the kidneys.  Though anatomically linked they serve different masters.  The medulla is activate by nerve impulses, while the cortex is an endocrine gland, activated by blood-borne hormones, sent out by the pituitary.

Cortex hormones are essential to life. cortisol being an energy generator, but also in charge of energy storage and regulates the fire element in the body.  Aldosterone prevents excessive loss of water through the kidneys and maintains the crucial bodily balance between sodium and potassium.

The medulla gives us the ‘fight or flight’ response by flooding the system when required with extra adrenalin when quick reactions ie danger, are required.

When continually over-stressed we use up adrenalin reserves faster than they can be replaced which can cause a physical stress breakdown resulting in alot of need of rest and care.  Treating the solar plexus chakra helps to alleviate and present stress breakdowns.

The Fragrances For The Solar Plexus

Vetivert and rose quieten while bergamot and ylang-ylang stimulate.

Use quietening fragrances if you have digestive problems or if you have difficultly when mingling with crowds, travelling on the Underground etc or at a transition point in your life.

Use the stimulating fragrances if you have a slow metabolism, defective eyesight and fears about change.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 13 – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura – Aurora Facets

The Crystals and Gemstones For The Solar Plexus

In earlier sections, ie the Root Chakra you can find out the various methods of how to work with the relevant crystals.

Citrine – helps the sacral centre and the brighter clearer citrine, yellower is most suitable for the solar plexus cultivating clarity, warmth and sense of self.  Also healing for the digestive system.

Apatite – Aids in concentration and intellectual thought and logical communication.

Calcite – this comes in many colours.  Orange, honey and yellow calcites aid psychic development and are also helpful when studying.  They help to connect the higher will to the lower will.

Kunzite – this is usually pink.  It aids self discipline, self respect, inner balance and cultivation of gentle strength and compassion.  It also helps to strengthen non judgemental but accurate self observation.

Rose Quartz – this helps to keep the chakra flexible.  The solar plexus is a shock absorber, under stress it gets brittle and rigid, if this happens rose quartz should be used.

Iron Pyrites – this brings purpose and strength, helping all levels of assimilation and encourages self discovery of one’s full potential.

Topaz – this aids cheerfulness and humour, strengthens vision and purpose.

Malachite – aids psychic and spiritual abilities.  Aids the remembrance of dreams.  Also healing for physical eyesight problems.

Conclusion Of The Solar Plexus

Psychologically speaking the solar plexus is the ego centre, the place at which we confidently say ‘I’ and where we are in touch with our needs, desires and constructs about life and the world in which we live.  The ego is identity and must be strongly built before any wider explorations can take place with safety.  Eventually the ego may surrender with grace and joy to a sense of higher will and purpose.  Classically this chakra has ten petals.



Getting in Touch with Other Factors

Consider your desires and your needs.  What do you want from life?  What do you need from life?  Make clear distinctions between needs and desires.  Some people’s needs are other people’s luxuries.  Each person is an individual.  Look at your desires without condemning them.  Consider which you are making progress towards and which may be blocked.  Consider whether you are still holding on to parental or authority messages about what is ‘good’ or ‘right’ for you.  Try to know what you want, need or desire for yourself.

Tomorrow I will finish off with a meditation before covering the last few days of this week with relevant postings of items related to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Until then please have a glorious day, Justine xxx

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