image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 14 – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 14 – Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura


Guided Visual Meditation For The Solar Plexus Chakra

Begin by ensuring that you will be undisturbed, and then find a comfortable position in which to sit or lie…arrange your body symmetrically and let it relax…close your eyes and visualize the solar plexus colours…bright, clear and yellow, soft golden yellow, and a gentle rosy pink…As the colours surround you, they also warm you and your whole body feels more vital…imagine that you are sitting on a hill top near the sea…pine trees go right down almost to the water’s edge…there is a bay, with a wide, sandy beach…The sun is warm and golden and the sea is many colours of blue and bluey green…It is clear and the waves are gentle…A little way out to sea is a small island…covered with pine trees, it seems to be almost perfectly circular…You make your way down to the beach…taking in the sounds, the smell and the beauty which surround you…Take off your shoes and explore the firm sand at the water’s edge, letting the gentle ebb and flow of the tide wash over your feet and ankles…You look again at the island…the sun shining on the sea is making a pathway of light over the water towards the island…and you decide to follow it…In the way which is possible in dreams and meditations the pathway of light literally becomes a bridge which you can walk over, to reach the island…When you arrive there, you follow a path through the pine trees…It seems to lead towards the centre of the island…You are wrapped in a deep sense of inner peace…the ground you are treading seems to be hallowed ground…as you come to the central point you see that there is a clearing which is perfectly circular in shape…At the centre of the clearing there is an indentation which has been carefully and beautifully lined with yellow, gold and pink crystals…In this crystalline basin burns a strong and steady flame…as you come nearer you know that you are approaching the very centre of your being…You find somewhere to sit so that you can watch the reflection of the flame in the crystal hollow…you feel centered and at peace, in touch with your basic identity…totally accepted in every way…You know that this flame is your flame and that it has the power to strengthen and validate your identity, your energy and your sense of purpose in life…Stay here in silent contemplation for a while…Then return to the edge of the island…back across the sunlit causeway…to the beach…back into an awareness of your breath in your body, your contact with the ground, your presence in your everyday world…Remember that you can always return to the place of the flame, when you need inner strength and self-confirmation…Put a cross of light in a circle of light over your solar plexus chakra and pull a cloak of white light with a hood around you…so taking the light into your life with you without being too vulnerable as you resume your normal tasks….

As mentioned before you might want ask someone else to read this to you a trusted partner, making sure that they use a calm steady voice and take pauses where the ….’s are to give enough time for you to visualize what is being said.  Or you can use a recording app to record it yourself to use as this is somewhat more relaxing than trying to read it to yourself.


I would love to know how you get on with this.  Please feel free to use the contact form page or pop over to my facebook page:  Aurora Facets and comment there.

Over the next few following days I will be reposting on my instagram relevant items relating to this chakra, so please find me there after this post, then next week we move on to the Heart Chakra.  (for my Instagram please click here:  Aurora Facets Instagram

Many blessings, Justine xxx

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