image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 16 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 16 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 16 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

The Colours Of The Heart Chakra

Rose is a gentle rose pink; rose quartz crystals give the right depth and qulity for this heart colour.  Rose amethyst is a deeper rose colour, with a touch of mauve or amethyst in it, making it a bluer pink.  Spring green is the colour of young beech leaves in early spring.  Spring green heals pain which comes from being over vulnerable in life and helps to open the heart when it has ‘hardened’ as a result of opposition or devastating emotional experiences.

Rose brings warmth and softness.  It is comforting to the bereaves.  Rose amethys tis strengthening to the heart after debilitating illnesses or in stress conditions, it also helps to balance blood pressure.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 16 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

The Element Of The Heart Chakra

Air is the element for the heart chakra.  Air is a masculine/active/yang element.  These air borne qualities give the heart its key word of detachment and demand a differentiation between romantic feeling, emotional feeling and the clear evaluatory feeling which is an ingredient of wisdom.

Our body needs all the elements, however we die most quickly when deprived of air, we contain air, we exist in air, we are touched by it.  It gives us the important spaces between things which enable them to be defined.  The ultimate closeness to a person is when we share the breath they breathe.


The Sense Of The Heart Chakra

Being touched and allowing ourselves to be touched by others is important and as such if you are deprived of this when young you will suffer in your development most likely.  Yet touch is also to be understood as tenderness and vulnerability.  We are touched by both feelings and emotions.  Situations touch, or move us to compassion.  Being touched in this way inspires the actions which bring humane changes in society.

heart-chakra (2)

The Body And The Heart Chakra

When awareness is projected into the feeling body, people and objects are experienced in a special way.  We enter a state of contemplation, which is a deep level of meditation and in which there is full identification with other people, rocks, tress, plants, animals or crystals.  We experience them from within and sense the nature of their being, their rhythms and life cycles.  It is the feeling body which enables the ultimate mystical experience of total oneness described by contemplatives and poets.  Those earth shattering, totally satisfying sexual orgasms are its product too.

This body has a vital, less fluid texture than the preceding astral body.  The use of the heart colours in the environment, or placed around you when you meditate will aid its development.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 16 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

The Glandular Connection And The Heart Chakra

The thymus is one of the glands and its functioning that remains something of a mystery even to modern medical science.  It is part of the lymphatic system, situated directly below the thyroid and parathyroid glands.  It secretes a hormone known as thymic humoral factor and between the ages of twelve to fifteen years begins to reduce in size.  It is thought to have a connection with growth and with the progression from childhood to adulthood.

The Fragrances And The Heart Chakra

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 16 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

Sandalwood and rose quieten the heart chakra whilst pine and honeysuckle stimulate it.  You can use these in various ways as mentioned in prior posts.  People who find the expression of feelings difficult or who are hesitating about touching and being touched, benefit from pine and/or honeysuckle.

I leave you with some brief helpful hints in to help balance your heart chakra which you might like to print off and put on your fridge or somewhere pertinent as a reminder.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 16 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

Tomorrow we move on to various elements that help to balance the heart chakra.

Until then, crystal blessings, Justine xxx

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