image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 18 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 18 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

Today we will cover some ways to including a meditation, balance your heart chakra.  For the next few days afterwards, please pop over to my Instagram where you will find various other posts this week on Artisan items related to this chakra to help balance, you can find my Instragram here:  Aurora Facets Instagram


Contacting And Sensing Your Heart Chakra

Once you have found the area of your heart chakra (mentioned at the beginning of the heart series) you can use the sensing exercise mentioned with the root chakra substituting ‘heart’ where appropriate.  You can then follow this with the ‘Images and Symbols’ exercise mentioned in the root series.

Guided Visual Meditation For The Heart Chakra

Sit or lie comfortably, with your body symmetrically arranged, balanced and relaxed…close your eyes and be in touch with the rhythm of your breathing…bring the breath rhythm into your heart chakra – in the centre of your body, on a level with your physical heart – sense your heart chakra like a rose which is about to open…it has a delicate fragrance…its outer petals are spring green while within there is a promise of a delicate rosy pink…the colours are translucent, ethereal and yet the rose it self has substance…with each in-breath and out-breath the petals unfold, releasing more and more of its fragrance..the heart centre colours surround you…as the centre of the rose reveals itself, you see that the base of each petals has a delicate amethyst light and tinge…your heart centre is pulsating and turning…As its movement finds a steady rhythm and the colour and light increase, reflect on people in your life who need healing…any situations which need deeper understanding…Do not allow yourself to pursue reasons, arguments or outcomes, just hold each person or situation in th elight and fragrance of your heart centre, breathing steadily…you will gradually become aware of a constant pulsing rhythm in our heart centre…a rhythm which inkes with the central rhythm of the universe…with the rhythms of earth and the sea…with currents of air…and with the flicker of flames in a gentle, warming fire…You begin to feel healed and vitalized too…Experience this rhythm and healing for as long as you wish…When you are ready to return, let the petals of your heart chakra gradually begin to fold in again…let them just relax…If the centre was rather tightly closed into its bud when you began this meditation, try to let it be more loosely closed and relaxed now…If you found it rather open, then try to finish with a sense of its being more resilient…See spring green light all around and over the flower of your heart chakra…then, through the rhythm of your breath, return to an awareness of your body, your contact with the ground and your normal everyday surroundings…put a cross of white light in a circle of white light over your heart chakra and a cloak of white light with a hood right around you…Feel your feet firmly in contact with the ground before you resume your normal tasks.

I often advice people to record this using suitable pauses where the …’s are indicated to give you time to imagine the words or if you know someone willing and they can read it in a soft, paced tone ask them too.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 18 – Heart Chakra, Anahata

Remember there are other ways to help balance:

Questions – How do i touch the world?  and How does the world touch me.

Fragrances – as covered previously use the fragrances to either activate or calm the chakra

Colours – use the technique of ‘breathing’ into your heart chakra and ‘feed’ it with the colours given.

Getting in Touch with the Developmental Age – reflect upon your life between 12 – 15 yrs of age, what was your relationship like with your parents and teachers?  How romantic were you?  What were your ideals, hopes and fears?  How far have these change?  or been fulfilled?  or been frustrated?

I look forward to seeing you on Instagram over the next couple of days.  Next week I will cover the Throat Chakra.  I hope you have had a chance to practice some of the activities and enjoyed this series so far, Justine xxx


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