image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 20 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 20 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha



The Dual Function Of The Throat Chakra

The heart is a meeting and blending place for the energies which flow down from the crown and up from the root, while the throat chakra is a gateway.

The chakra system is sub divided into two interacting groups and the throat is a member of both.  As one of the five lower chakras it is related to an element, a developmental age and a sense.  As the first of three upper chakras it is concerned with transpersonal expression and the connections to higher self, spirit and soul.

When the three upper chakras are open and developed, an increasing sense of the need to serve humanity, without living in isolation, is often experienced.  Service to the collective becomes a necessary and intrinsic part of self-growth and awareness.


The Key Words For The Throat Chakra

There is a dual meaning in accordance with the dual functionality.

Expression Of The Throat Chakra

On the first level this means seeking fulfilment through having an outlet for all one’s particular and special talents or abilities.  One needs to find one’s voice and to be heard, literally and metaphorically.

At a higher level it is concerned with connection to one’s spiritual qualities, the need to be uncompromisingly true to self.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 20 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha


Responsibility And The Throat Chakra

Firstly this is about taking charge of one’s life, becoming adult, going through the rite of passage of ‘coming of age’ and all the related issues.

At the second stage it is concerned with responding to, and interpreting the requirements of, a Divine or Higher purpose.  Vocation is a ‘calling’ which is ‘heard;.  Responsibility at this second level is about hearing that calling and responding to it with conviction.

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Communication And The Throat Chakra

Life itself is dependent upon communication.  Every moment of every day and night, highly complex communications are taking place in our physical bodies.  This is so from the moment of conception to the moment of death.  Each body part is dependent upon another, though we may only become aware of the existence of this interdependent communication system within us when there is a minor or major breakdown, for example, when we eat something which causes our digestive system to grumble or we catch an acute dose of flu and discover that our limbs will not do what we require of them.  In times of health and wellbeing the signallings of this miraculous and finely tuned inner communication system remain unconscious and are taken for granted.

Working with the throat chakra can help with the important task of listening to our bodies and becoming more attuned to, and therefore more responsible for regulating, our health patterns.

We also communicate to express ourselves in the world and to enable life, in another sense, to move on.  It is required for the expression of ideas, the exchange of information and for building up the data which helps us in the endeavour to understand the world in which we live.  This sophisticated communication system  within our present times means that we are growing more aware of the lives and predicaments of our fellow human beings all over the world.  The demand for mediumship or ‘channelling’ which expands our communication into other realms is very strong at this time too.

“Communication creates the future.”  The Hindus believe that all is a matter of sound.  Our own sounds create the shape of things around us at each vibration.  There is a definite connection between the sounds we make and the sort of lives we live.

Some scientists are beginning to believe that sound is the basic pattern which enabled the universe to come into being.  So awareness of the throat chakra is vital if we are to realize our full potential.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 20 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha


Universal Truth And The Throat Chakra

At the first level this key word connects the throat chakra to law and order.  The normally functioning human being needs to have a sense of moral rightness.  Collectively formed laws derive partly from this drive and its recognition.  Individually we strive for integrity and function best when we refuse to make negative compromises.

At the second level, universal truth is concerned with a search for understanding of ‘Divine law’ or the archetypes of higher qualities.  It is the search in which the questions ‘What is beauty/peace/justice/wisdom?’ are pertinent and challenging.


Healing/Balancing Activity

Colours And The Throat Chakra

Breathe into your throat chakra and ‘feed’ it with the colours aforementioned for this chakra.  Remember to visualize translucent colours, as stained glass appears when sunlght passes through it.  Close down the petals of the chakra and visualize the cross or star of light in a circle of light over it to finish.

That is all for today, wishing you crystal blessings until tomorrow, Justine xxx

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