image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 21 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 21 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha


Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 21 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha

The Developmental Age Of The Throat Chakra

In the sevenfold system this is the final chakra to be connected with a specific developmental age and a sense.

The higher and new chakras are more general in their application with the exceptio of the base, which affects the gestation period.

Between the ages of 15 – 21 yrs there is the preparation of the ‘coming of age’ amongst study exam pressures, career choices and escaping the parental sway.

The influence of the keywords can be clearly seen.  Young people know beyond all doubt that they are ‘called’ to express something specific or have a special mission.  Just as often as they are confused.  The present state of unemployment does not alleviate these problems.

Due to the parental hopes that their offspring will ‘do well’ they tend to reflect the prevailing society trends of what is most ‘acceptable’ or ‘successful’.  Many young people go along with the traditional thought.  They may genuinely want to fit into society’s current dictation of success standards for the whole of their lives and will be happy and fulfilled in doing so.  Others will rebel at being pushed into a mould or ‘groomed for success’.  It can be difficult for all concerned when the ‘high flyer’ with top performance in all exams and a seemingly brilliant conventional career ahead, decides to ‘opt-out’.

Yet many who make far-reaching choices too soon or who fulfil the expectations of others rather than themselves will go through a particularly uncomfortable mid-life crisis.

In the spiral of development the second level of the throat chakra has to manifest.

Transpersonal psychologies have long encompassed a crucial life-phase which occurs around the age of forty-two years, twice twenty-one – when drastic life and career changes may be made.


The Colours Of The Throat Chakra

The whole range of blues, from palest to darkest, affect the throat chakra.  The most common one recommended for healing use is deep lapis lazuli blue.  Turquoises and aquamarines are particularly valuable in strengthening the ability to communicate with large groups or audiences.

Career teachers, writers and those in the media can benefit from wearing and meditating on these hues.  Silver is strengthening to the throat chakra and should always be visualized when throat infections occur.  All these colours also affect the thyroids and parathyroids.


The Element Of The Throat Chakra

Ether, as an element, is not the same as the chemical solvent and anaesthetic.  it is the element of the etheric body and the etheric plane, although these are mainly accessible via the sacral chakra, which has very strong connections to the throat.

The etheric plane is the closest one to the physical or material plane.  It is the first plane of sutle substance.  We do not know what constitutes subtle substance, though many scientists believe in its existence and have described it as ‘space’ or the area in which electro-magnetic waves can be transmitted.

Many discarnate guides, describe it as the layer, or other field of consciousness, from which the wonders of sound and colour originate.

The Sanskrit word for ether is ‘akasha’.  In esoteric language the ‘akashic records’ are the imprint of all humankind’s individual and collective experience.  Nothing is lost, all is stored.  Jung explored this belief psychologically in his writings about the ‘collective unconscious’.

At the throat chakra ether can be seen not only as that element which records everything which has happened, but also as the blueprint.  Thoughts, creative imaginings, concepts, are help here as part of their journey into the level which we know, in the body, as solid – the earthy ‘reality’.

Activity For The Throat Chakra

The Sense Of Hearing

Make a special effort to listen to all the sounds around you.  Listen to the quality of your own, your partner’s, children’s, or friends’ voices.  Mae a recording of your own voice and hear yourself as others hear you.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 21 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha

Tomorrow we move on to the Sense and so forth, until then wishing you a communicative day, Justine xxx

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