image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 23 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 23 – Throat Chakra, Vishuddha

Meditations And Suggestions For Working With Your Throat Chakra


Contacting and Sensing Your Throat Chakra

Check the location of your throat chakra and use the sensing exercise mentioned in the root chakra series, substituting ‘throat’ where appropriate.  You can then follow this with the ‘Images and Symbols’ exercise.


Guided Meditation For The Throat Chakra

Make sure that you are likely to be undisturbed…find a comfortable position for your body…let it be balanced, but relaxed…close your eyes and be in touch with the rhythm of your breathing…enter your own inner space…there is no landscape, but you are surrounded by colour…deep blues…aquamarines…and silver…They give you a feeling of refreshment and lightness…at first you absorb them…then you begin to dance gently…As you do so, the colours move…ripple…and dance with you…You feel lifted and then realize that you are floating with a great sense of safety and freedom…It is as though the colours hold you and surround you and your body is as light as the colours themselves…relax and give yourself up to the experience until you find that you can float and fly, free as a bird in the air currents, dipping and gliding…controlled…yet light…You discover that you can choose a colour on which to float…It may be one of the blues…aquamarines…or silvers…It may be a different colour which has come into your inner world…let the world of colour and the particular colour of your choice, wrap itself around you…go on a journey into colour…maybe there is a boat in which to glide in this coloured world…or a large fantastic bird or magic carpet on which to ride…perhaps you just enjoy lightness, freedom and dance as you allow yourself to be carried along…Eventually you come to a place of rest…there are silky, cushioning clouds of the clour of your choice…You relax into them and are still…all movement has ceased…there is a deep silence…the most profound stillness you could ever have imagined, around you and within you…You are centred, still and at one…Soon, with a clarity which could only come after such a silence, you hear a single beautiful note…pure, as though played on a magical flute, it comes from a distance…softly at first…building up to a pleasant intensity…surrounding you…so that you are aware of all its tones, undertones and overtones…It is a healing sound…it is around you…it is in your body…it is in your being…As you relax into it, change comes once more…you hear a whole orchestra or harmonious sounds, and you start to move again, on sound waves…Let yourself be carried…moving from one to another…becoming part of a world of harmony…You find that you are making a sound…a rounded note, in your throat chakra…you sing it or sound it…it adds to the harmony around you and echoes back to you…In this inner space you are capable of making a sound which you may not be able to make in the outer world…you know that you will remember it and be able to attune to it as your special healing sound…When you are ready to return, your special colour, bird, or boat will help you…Travel back,  until you come to the place where this journey began…With your feet lightly in touch with the ground, the blue, aquamarine, and silver colours surround you…gradually you return to the awareness of the rhythm of your breathing…to the awareness of your body and its contact with the ground in your everyday world…Visualize a cross of white light, in a circle of white light over your throat chakra and draw a cloak of light with a hood right around you, as you return.


I hope that you have enjoyed this meditation, just to note that it is helpful to either find someone to read it out, with suitable pauses to give you time to imagine what is being said or you could record it and play it back.

Many blessings, Justine xxx

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