image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 26 – Brow Chakra, Ajna

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 26 – Brow Chakra, Ajna



The Colours Of The Brow Chakra

Indigo is a colour we ind difficult to perceive and describe.  It is fully present in any rainbow or spectrum, but more difficult to identify than the other more basic colours.  Indigo dyes come from the indigo plant and are often used in West Indian batik work.  The colour is neither purple, nor navy blue.  It is intense and deep, sometimes almost black, but always containing a touch of red.  Learning to differentiate indigo is, in itself, a good exercise for opening and awakening the brow chakra.

Mauve at the brow centre, is dark in tone.  It is a hue between lavender and purple.  Turquoise is the colour of the gemstone of the same name.  It is bright and full bodied.

Use indigo to train perception, turquoise for clarity and mauve for helping the hormonal system.


The Element Of The Brow Chakra

Radium is a metallic, radio-active element used in X-rays, radio-therapy and the production of luminous materials.

Radio-therapy is well known for its use in the treatment of cancer and other tumours.  It breaks down established patterns and brings about change.  It is a radical treatment and all forms of radiation have well-known dangers.    It has a place in breaking down patterns in order to enable reassembly.  It has a high vibrational rate.  Its symbolism at the brow centre is about the facility of functioning on more than one level or dimension, while physically incarnate.  It is about the meeting point of light and spirit in matter.

The Body And The Brow Chakra


The higher mental body is of a supremely light and subtle substance.  it reflects deep indigo and amethyst colours.  It is the ‘garment’ which we wear for our highest levels of meditational experience, communication with other planes and at moments of inspiration.

The mental plane is one of pulsating energies.  The inspiration which gives birth to ideas originates here, before it becomes clothed with language or form.  It is the plane of divine principle, pure archetypal impulses and of the archangelic beings:  Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 26 – Brow Chakra, Ajna

The Glandular Connection And The Brow Chakra

Relatively little is known about the pineal gland.  it is located in the are found by taking a cross section immediately above the ears and centrally down from the top of the head.  It is tiny, with a form resembling that of a pine cone.  It is not yet known whether the pineal gland is part of the endocrine system or not.  It secretes the hormone-like substance known as melatonin which,in animals, trigger the mechanisms of breeding and nesting cycles and the timing of migration and hibernation.

In humans, the pineal gland is light sensitive and controls our internal day and night ‘clock.  There are nerve pathways between the pineal and the retina (in the eye).  Current research is exploring the connection between the pineal gland, its supply of light and the control of body calcium levels.

Whether the pineal is part of the endocrine system or not, its relationship to light affects hormone levels.  Blind people often suffer hormone imbalance, but if their sight is restored, normal hormone levels usually return.  Working with the brow chakra can help with hormonal balance.  Almost everything we do bears a hormonal stamp.  Hormones regulate basic drives and emotions, sexual urge and identity, violence, anger, fear, joy and sorrow.  They promote growth, control temperature, assist in the repair of broken tissue and help to generate energy.


The Fragrances And The Brow Chakra

White musk and hyacinth quieten this chakra, while violet and rose geranium stimulate it.  Anxiety about spiritual progress and over-zealous use of meditation or other spiritual practices can lead to over-stimulation of the brow chakra.  Growth of this kind cannot be forced and headaches above, behind and between the eyes may ensue.  In such cases the quietening fragrances prove an effective treatment.  They do not close a chakra down but help its flow and movement to become calmer and steadier.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 26 – Brow Chakra, Ajna

Meditations And Suggestions For Working With Your Brow Chakra

Contacting and sending exercise for the Brow Chakra

Check the location of the brow chakra.  Then using the sensing exercise described during the Root Chakra publications substitute ‘brow’ where appropriate.  Follow this with the images and symbols exercise also mentioned prior.

I will publish a meditation specifically for this chakra most likely in two days time.

Meanwhile….Use the particular fragrances for this chakra to activate it or calm it to balance.

With colours you can breathe into your brow chakra and ‘feed’ it with its colours.  Remember to visualize the colours as translucent and to close down the petals and picture the cross or star of light in a circle of light over the chakra to finish.

Other Suggestions – Find something beautiful to contemplate.  It it is possible go to an area of natural beauty.  Take a beautiful object with you or read a poem.  Consider a picture or listen to some music.  As you contemplate or listen, endeavour to be in touch with an essence of beauty.  Try to acknowledge the spirit which can be released from matter and the spirit which can be expressed in matter.

Or – contemplate the journey of your life, with all its positive and negative milestones.  Try to recognize, without false pride or false modesty, the times where you acted from a spirit of inner integrity in times of opposition or difficulty.

Perhaps you could also search for something indigo colour, deep coloured amethyst stones that have indigo colours in them.  Try to train yourself to store this colour in your colour memory.  Become more aware of the incidence of indigo in the environment, particularly in sunsets and other aspects of nature.

Tomorrow we will cover the crystals related to this chakra, until then crystal blessings, Justine xxx

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