image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 28 – Brow Chakra, Ajna

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 28 – Brow Chakra, Ajna



Guided Visual Meditation For The Brow Chakra

As mentioned previously, you might find it easier to either record this, leaving suitable gaps for your imagination to work or to find someone else who can read it to you.

Make sure that you will be undisturbed.  Sit or lie comfortably with your body balanced and symmetrically arranged.  Pay particular attention to the comfort and balance of your head.  Close your eyes and observe the rhythm of your breathing….let this rhythm help you to focus your attention into your brow chakra…Get an iage of the petals of the chakra opening and relaxing…try to sense or visualize the pulsation and the circular movement of the chakric energy…enter your inner space and find yourself in a misty landscape, where it is either dawn or dusk…Colours are undefined but objects are silhouetted against the horizon…The air is fresh…Despite the mistiness around, you feel innerly focused and clear…Through the mist you can perceive hills…one, which is almost a mountain, attracts you…you find a gently winding path which takes you upwards…you become encompassed in a world of your own as the colours of indigo, turquoise and mauve swirl around you…Within this undefined and surreal landscape you find it possible to be in touch with the deeper levels of your being…You contact a sense of completeness and self-acceptance…As the path winds on upwards any current problems which need resolving may take on a new perspective…you may feel creatively inspired…The mist is clearing now and you realize that you are coming to a view-point over the landscape…Mountain peaks rise into a clear turquoise sky…and beneath you the landscape gradually reveals itself…You breathe in the clear air…Suddenly, quite near to you, light is reflected from water with an unmistakable sparkle…You go to explore and find a clear pool in a hidden and protected place…you look into it…where the light strikes the water in the centre of the pool there is an image of a flame…it seems to burn from the pool’s depths and you are drawn more deeply into meditation…Gradually you experience a quality which you know to be that of your in-dwelling spirit…You may want to bathe in the renewal which it can bring to every aspect of your being…Whether you bathe or not, bask in this essence…allow insight to reveal new understanding in your life meaning and purpose…When you are ready to return, trace the same path along which you came…know that once you have found a place in our inner landscape you can always revisit it…Draw the quality of your in-dwelling spirit around you like a mantle…gradually become aware again of the rhythm of your breathing…the contact of your body with the chair or ground…take deep breaths…put your feet firmly on to the ground…open your eyes…stretch …arrive fully back into the outer world…Visualize the petals of your brow chakra gently closing in…put a cloak of light with a hood right around you…Go about your normal daily tasks feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Wishing you much peace and happiness, Justine xxx

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