image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 31 – Crown Chakra, Sahasrara

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 31 – Crown Chakra, Sahasrara


Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 31 – Crown Chakra, Sahasrara

The Colours And The Crown Chakra

Violet has the highest vibrational rate int he sevenfold spectrum of colour.  It is the violet of emperors and royalty, deep, rich and regal.  White symbolizes both innocence and perfection.  It is the unwritten page, the untried innocent, the virgin bride, but also the colour of the highest initiate reflecting the purity which comes from the return to innocence after experience.

Gold symbolizes the power of the sun and sacredness.  It is the colour of a most precious metal and also symbolizes purity.  It is sometimes considered to be the colour of the masculine principle, but at the crown chakra should be understood as pertaining to balanced and perfected wisdom.

Violet is a cleansing colour – visualizing it at the crown chakra will help to cleanse impurities from the energy field.  White and gold help to encourage contact with your higher self and guides.


The Element And The Crown Chakra

Magnetum is not found in any standard list of elements.  In the physical sense it has yet to be discovered.  Its symbolic quality is unification.  It signifies the wholeness experienced when body, mind, emotions and spirit are in harmony.  It enhances our awareness of humanity as a corporate body.  It promotes the healing of cour relationship to the earth and all its life forms and encourages a sense of proportion.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 31 – Crown Chakra, Sahasrara

The Body And The Crown Chakra

This layer of the auric field holds the imprint of the learning intentions we have made for this lifetime.  Contacting it, through the crown chakra, will help us to see a higher pattern, purpose and direction for our lives.

The names soul, ketheric or causal are alternative names for this body.  Ketheric implies a higher level of the etheric body – described at the sacral chakra as the subtle ‘double’ of the physical body.  The ketheric body is an evolutionary imprint of reflection from the soul.

In incarnation this layer can affect us through the subtle memories from other lives which cause us to react to positive or negative stimuli in ways which are not directly explicable in terms of our present life experience.  Unexpectedly intense of so-called irrational fears, ‘freefloating’ anxities, deja-vu expericnes and exceptional giftedness are all examples of the interpenetration of the causal body.


The Glandular Connection And The Crown Chakra

The pituitary gland regulates the endocrine system, it is the conductor of the endocrine orchestra.  It is a tiny – being only pea sized – but powerful.  It has two lobes and hangs by a short stalk from the undercarriage of the brain in a small hollow behind the nose and between the eyes.  Each love is really a separate gland.

The anterior lobe is the controller because all its hormones, except the growth hormone, mastermind the function of the other endocrine glands.  The posterior lobe secretes the hormones which are responsible for the contraction of the uterus during pregnancy and for initiating lactation.  It also secretes the substance which helps the kidneys to regulate body fluid and the levels of sodium and potassium.

The complex functions of the pituitary shows that it is largely responsible for the sort of bodies we have and the way in which they function.  The subject of body biochemistry and behaviour versus the effect of environmental factors has been a long and continuing debate among researchers, of whom few would accept factors associated with the purposes of the soul.  Yet the link between the crown chakra and the pituitary gland opens the physical channels through which the purposes of the higher self can be reflected in bodily and behavioural patterns laid down by the ‘accident’ of birth.

The Fragrances And The Crown Chakra

The quietening fragrances should be used if you feel over anxious about your soul purpose and ‘getting it right’.  Such tensions about the spiritual path can sometimes lead to serious and disabling stress conditions.

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 31 – Crown Chakra, Sahasrara

Activity For The Crown Chakra

Contacting and sensing the crown chakra

  • check the location of your crown chakra on the diagrams above, then use the sensing exercise mentioned in the root chakra, substituting ‘crown’ as appropriate.  Follow this with the ‘Images and Symbols’.


‘Breathe’ into your chakra and ‘feed’ it with its colours mentioned earlier.  Remember to visualize the colours as translucent ad to close down the petals, and picture in your mind the cross or star of light in a circle of light over your crown chakra to finish.

The River Of Life

Visualize a river, flowing from its source to the sea…Imagine it as the river of your life…Find a landing stage, where there is a boat…note what kind of boat it is, and whether there is someone to steer it for you, or whether you will manage it yourself….Take the boat upstream towards the source, and as you travel, allow significant life memories to come into your awareness…When you get near to the source you may have to leave the boat safely anchored or moored and continue on foot….At the source drink some water, and then sit and rest for a while…As you rest you may be aware of companions…those with whom you have a special connection and who were with you in essence as you started your life journey…some of them will be in incarnation with you now…others may not…Try to get insight about your true companions on the evolutionary journey…your spiritual family, who may not be the same as your genetic family…When you are ready, return to your boat and down the river to your landing stage, leaving the boat safely tied and anchored there.  Take time to draw or write about this journey and to consider any memories which were awakened.   Is there some implicit message or pattern to bring you insight about the present phase of your life?

I will continue tomorrow with the crystals relevant for this chakra.  With the above you might want to record and listen back or ask someone else to read this to you with suitable pauses to enable you time to imagine what is being said.

Justine xxx

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