image Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 33 – Crown Chakra, Sahasrara

Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 33 – Crown Chakra, Sahasrara




Guided Visual Meditation For The Crown Chakra

Making sure that you will be undisturbed, sit or lie comfortably with your body in a symmetrical position, with your back well supported if necessary.  Pay particular attention to the balance of your head and neck as this helps in aligning the chakras.  Close your eyes and be aware of the rhythm of your breathing…Let this rhythm help you to focus your attention into your crown chakra…sense the many petals of this pulsating centre…sense its bowl-like shape and the light and colour which it both produces and receives from above…Gradually enter your inner space…and find yourself in a meadow…Take the opportunity to look around…to see the objects and colours…to smell the fragrances…to hear the sounds…touch the textures…and taste the tastes…Beyond the meadow you are aware of the hills and mountains…As you look towards them you see that the sun is shining on a hill or mountain top and lighting up a beautiful temple there…You can see the pathway leading from the meadow to that high temple and are drawn to make the journey to it…You may choose a companion, talisman or power animal to accompany you…Travel until you reach the outer courtyards of the temple which you now see in the distance…There may be some ritual which you need to go through in the courtyards before you enter the temple, such as changing your clothes…taking off your shoes…washing yourself…or leaving behind things you may be carrying…When you are ready the temple door will be standing open for you…Enter and explore the temple…note its sounds or its quality of silence…its fragrances…its colours, textures and tastes…find a place in which to sit in meditative or receptive mood…ask to be made more aware of your connection to your soul and higher self…Affirm or renew any resolutions you wish to make about your spiritual life…A temple server may come to offer you wine or water from a special cup…You may be given a blessing or a gift…When all the ceremony is over, it is time to leave…Knowing that this temple is here, you may revisit it whenever you wish to reconnect to your higher self…Collect any belongings which you left outside the temple, though you can also leave any unwanted luggage behind…Go through the outer courtyards once more and then return to the meadow, and thence to the awareness of the rhythm of your breathing…to the contact of your body with your chair…to your feet firmly on the ground…to full awareness of your outer world…Protect and bless your crown chakra with a cross of light in a circle of light…and surround yourself with a cloak of white light with a hood.

As mentioned previously please either perhaps record this with suitable pauses to listen back to as much easier than reading and trying to visualize or if you have a partner, friend, someone suitable to read it also to you that is a good alternative.

Thank you all for participating in this workshop.  Over the weekend I shall be re-posting on my Instagram account other chakra related items that Artisans have made to balance and re-charge.

As from next week the Activation Workshop will be over however please still check in as I publish firstly my own Artisan Creations which have taken a slight back seat during this workshop and I will also be focusing on other chakras and enlightening subject matters, all with a hope and wish to help all.

You can find my various links here:  (clicking directly on the names will take you to their location)

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I would also like to pay tribute to Ruth White, without whom I would not be privy to such wonderful chakra information.

You will also find a wealth of chakra knowledge through Anodea Judith.

I leave you with another prayer/mantra for the Crown Chakra that you might want to print off or save to your desktop.

Please give a thumbs up below if you have enjoyed this workshop.


Wishing you many blessings, Justine xxx

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