A little about how Aurora Facets came about.

There have always been two things driving me with a passion, being creative and helping others.

I have come from a fairly eccentric family environment yet creative, this has rubbed off on me moulding my love for variety, colour, adventure.

Having worked as a holistic therapist for over 20 years this catered somewhat to a degree with fulfilling my passions.  Health issues however halted my career for some years but the journey of getting better gave me the opportunity to discover firstly complimentary treatments, alternative therapies and a spiritual awareness.

Since childhood I have bought crystals, both my children love them and this love for them has grown over time, understanding the joy they can give both as pretty adornments but on a much deeper level as energy healing tools, chakra clearing.  This has lead me on to learn about meditation, mantras, malas and so much more.

I am constantly training and learning, now able to put some of my skillsets in to practical use,  allowing me to combine my creative skills and help others.

My intention with Aurora Fascets is to provide a variety of creations, the majority at the moment are jewellery or malas.  All items are handmade by me using gemstones, wood and seeds of various kinds, all with hope of giving positivity to those who purchase them.

Justine x